The Electronics & Communication Engineering Department has 22 types of lab equipments and Laboratories are well equipped with the most sophisticated instruments and managed by experienced faculty. Deviating form the conventional classroom teaching the students are guided and motivated to practically implement fundamental principles learnt in classroom through experimentation in the laboratories. The major driving force for the present day information technology revolution is the development in electronics engineering.

The advancement in micro electronics satellite and optical fiber technology analog and digital communication techniques have resulted in developing complex electronics devices circuits and equipments capable to implementing fast and efficient telecommunication system.


1. PCB Fabrication Lab
2. Communication Engineering Lab
3. Digital Electronic LAB
4. Electronics Measurements & Instrumentation Lab
5. Advanced Microprocessor/ Microcontroller Lab
6. Analog Electronics Lab
7. Electronics Engineering Lab
8. Digital and Data Communication Lab
9. Optical Fiber Lab
10. Principle of Communication Lab
11. Consumer Electronics Lab
12. Trouble shooting of Electronics Equipments
13. Power Electronics Lab
14. Electronics Devices and Component Lab
15. Electronics Workshop.