Mechanical Engineering is involved in creating fruture. They are the driving force behind many of our technologies and industrial processes including innovative products like mobile phones. Computers and DVDs etc. In the modren world. The work of machanical includes production, transmission, power, heat. investigate different energy sources.

As the machanical Engineering studey include in area like thermal engineering, designing and production engineering, The Machanical Engineers handle the managerial and administrative position in government and private sectors.

Teaching Mehodology

• Regular tests to asses each students progress and evaluation to enhance their aptitude.
• Regular Industrial visits to impart practical knowledge and on hand technical exposure.
• Weekly seminars on latest technological developments.
• Personal attention on each students during the course of study.
• Weekly lectures on overall personality development.

Engineering Department Laboratoies

(i) Hydraulics Lab
(ii) Strength of materials Lab.
(iii) Material science Lab.
(iv) Thermodynamics Lab.
(v) Computer Aided Designing (CAD) / Computer Aided manufacturing (CAM) Lab.
(vi) Machanics Lab.
(vii) Inspection and quality control Lab.
(viii) Refrigeration and Air conditioning Lab.
(ix) Automobile Lab.
(x) Installations, testing and maintenance Lab.

Workshop Facilities

The institute believes imparting in education by demonstration to the students and for the same we have a fully operational workshop block for specially catering to the needs of students. The institute has the following workshop with all necessary required equipments.

(a) Machine Shop
(b) Welding shop
(c) Fitting Shop
(d) Forging shop
(e) Sheet metal shop
(f) Carpentry shop
(g) Painting shop